Build relationships, not ads.

Sure, we build ads, too. But it starts with a relationship. A bond. A friendship.

A common goal.


Digital Advertising

Market your business with highly targeted ads in display, search, email, social media and video.

Digital Services

Website design, social media management, text messaging, content writing, SEO and more.

Business Consulting

It’s a C2B (consumer to business) world and the consumer is in control. And as consumers lead, brands must follow.

Re-program Your Marketing

Get targeted, tailored campaigns to reach your customers and achieve YOUR goals.

Digital Measurement Tool

Our free Snapshot Report is a marketing needs assessment that allows us to provide insights into your business’s online marketing performance. It also compares your “digital health” against that of your competitors.

About Us

Future-Focused Marketing

M2 Advertising is a digitally focused marketing agency that designs, builds and manages cutting-edge campaigns for best-in-class companies. Based in Washington, Pennsylvania, we’re dedicated to serving our clients with personalized campaigns that focus on understanding our clients’ needs, mutual agreement up-front on key performance goals and providing customized reporting to show your campaign delivered results.

Remember the olden days when media companies just designed ads and congratulated themselves, regardless of how they performed? (Shaking our heads.) When we work with customers, we constantly learn and optimize. This is not a threat to our creativity – instead, it inspires our talent. R&D is a part of our DNA.

Matt Miller

Founder & Owner

Matt Miller is the Founder and Owner of M2 Advertising. Prior to launching M2, Matt was the Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer for a local media company. He started with the company as an intern and worked for them for more than 21 years.

Matt is currently the Chief Revenue Officer for Trib Total Media. In this capacity, he oversees all things revenue. This includes daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers, digital advertising, direct mail, marketing, research, and analytics.

Matt is a lifelong resident of southwestern Pennsylvania. He is a former United Way of Washington County volunteer of the year, member of various boards, coach, farmer, two-time father, and one-time husband.

A great relationship starts with a simple hello.