Navigating the Consumer to Business World

We Can Help

M2 Advertising can help your business decide how to best engage existing clients.  Additionally, we can help you to determine who else might be enticed to try your products or services and how to expand your client base.  Throughout the process, we will measure success, test response, and track results while implementing an ongoing strategic marketing plan.


Focused On You

Our marketing consulting programs are customized for your business and can include services such as:

Free Digital Presence Snapshot Report

  • Digital Report Card
  • Competition Analysis
  • Digital Presence Improvement Strategies

Consumer Insights Report

  • Import your customer purchase data
  • Layer that against Acxiom consumer market data
  • Identify your customers’ demographics, location, offline and online presence, buying behaviors, and interests
  • Find look-a-like customers in the market
  • Develop a marketing strategy to target the look-a-likes

Additional Consulting Services

  • Setting well-defined marketing goals
  • Identifying and monitoring key performance metrics
  • Improving relations and loyalty with existing clients
  • Attracting new customers through unique contests
  • Expanding into new markets

No matter your marketing needs, we are here to support you and help you make educated marketing and advertising decisions that give your business the best chance for success.

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