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Search engines love fresh content. And so should you. By blogging consistently, you give Google (and other search engines) new content to index about your business, which can increase your visibility on search engine results pages.

Email Newsletters

Whether you have your own email list or you are trying to target potential new customers, we have an email program for you. Email newsletters drive sales, engagement and encourage more sales from both new and current customers.


Listing Management

There is nothing worse than a potential customer stumbling upon one of your many business directory profiles that exist on the Internet (many you may not even know about) and finding outdated, inaccurate information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-advertising based) search engine results. You want to put your website in front of as many people as possible right when they are searching for your products and services.

Social Media Management

Our goal would be to engage with your audience and look for new opportunities to increase your reach and visibility. Do you which social medias you should be focusing on? We will set up all of your social channels with graphics, tabs, etc…


Text Campaign Management

An amazing 97% of all texts are read within the first 5 minutes. Text marketing is permission-based, so you’re only communicating with a highly targeted group of people, who really care about your business and what it has to say.

Website Design

Be good-looking and smart. No really.  Designing a website is a creative process. Agreed. Web design isn’t just about pretty pictures though. For your business to thrive online, your website needs to be smart, flexible and future-proof.

Website Management

Focus on your business. We can handle your website. Build a web presence that serves your customers and wins new ones without having to spend hours of your time managing the upkeep. Get 1:1 attention from M2’s dedicated project managers.


Graphic Design

Your logo, business card, and advertising are all an expression of your company values, culture and people. They are the face of your business and will be the number one thing your customers and potential customers see when doing research.

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Process & Workflow.

The first step in any good business relationship starts with a conversation.  When you reach out we’ll set a meeting, create your free Snapshot Report, and discuss your needs and goals.  From there, you will decide the next steps.

Whether you’re looking for help with advertising, marketing services, strategy, web design, social media, or something else – we’d love to help. And if we can’t, we’ll try to point you in the right direction.  A great relationship starts with a simple hello.

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A great relationship starts with a simple hello.